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Let us be your one stop shop for all your laundry needs. Highland Laundromat has partnered with a well established dry cleaner to professionally dry clean all your delicate items. Each garment is carefully inspected with extra attention to stain removal and garment wear and tear. Every piece is hand finished and pressed.  

All services are ready 48 hours from time of drop off. 

Anything else just ask!


Laundered and Pressed Shirt: $3.00

Press Only Item: $2.50

Button down shirt: $4.50

Blouse, Pant, Shorts, Skirt: $6.00

Sweater: $6.50

Dress: $12 and up

Blazer / Sport Coat: $7.50

Outer Jacket: $12 and up

Blankets (no down comforters): $25 and up

Tablecloth: $25 and Up